Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ELA 10 Portfolio

       My name is Noorjahan Aktar and throughout my sophomore year the big idea for my 10th grade English class was mindfulness. Honestly, at the beginning of the school year, I didn't understand what being "mindful "had to do with our English class. Although, as time passed, I understood what being "mindful" actually meant, and how to apply it in my daily life and not just in my ELA class. In fact, every essay we did, Ms. Burns told us to be "mindful" about the information given from the texts and, to me, this simply meant to be aware. Yet, being aware isn't all I was thinking about when I heard "be mindful." I thought about acknowledging the information or surroundings and noticing how they both came into play when I'm reading. Yes, we have to be aware, but we also have to know what it means, for example, when there's evidence for an essay we're doing, we can't just give the evidence, we have to analyze it. To me, this is what it means to be "mindful:" keeping in mind somethings, while doing other things.
       As a class, the idea of "mindfulness" was constant, and was used everyday and even, for me, became instinctual. For example, when we were reading The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell and we had to annotate for the EQ and be mindful that we were going to use this evidence in our essay. Therefore, we use mindfulness in order to be thoughtful when answering questions to the best of our capability. Being mindful has prevented me from continuing life with an ignorant mindset and this is thanks to  the constant reminders from Ms. Burns about being "mindful." I've been very "mindful" with each project in my presentation knowing that anyone with the link to this blog can view and form opinions about who Noorjahan Aktar is as student. I'm being mindful that everything I do represents me as a person and this presentation has a very strong impact on how I represent myself.

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